EQUIPHYT SPORT 100% organic spirulina algae | 100% Arhrospira Platensis

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EQUIPHYT SPORT© is ADMR compliant and approved for use in competition by the FEI!

  • Pure energy for a powerful Muscles!
  • Brings strength without making you nervous
  • Increases dynamics
  • Shortens the warm-up phases
  • Improves rideability
  • Improves overall appearance
  • Contains all the necessary amino acids for muscle formation
  • 100% controlled cultivation, gentle processing

EQUIPHYT SPORT© supplementary feed was led by the top international veterinarian Dr. Sandrine Serfaty developed. Dr. Serfaty has worked as a supervising veterinarian for numerous international top riders in equestrian sport for decades. She accompanied several 4-legged athletes at international championships and at the Olympic Games. Also in 2021, Dr. Serfaty will once again be supporting the 4-legged top athletes as an accompanying veterinarian at the Olympic Games in Tokyo.

Dr. Serfaty was always looking for a product that could support the horse partner's requirements as a riding and racing horse to be sustainably healthy and productive . Her focus was always on that The welfare of the horse as a living being was aimed at, which is why non-natural active ingredients were out of the question from the outset.

Together with Castle Forbes and Roger-Yves Bost , 2013 European Show Jumping Champion with Castle Forbes Myrtille Paulois , she has further developed EQUIPHYT SPORT © and used it with great success. In addition to Castle Forbes, dozens of international riders now rely on EQUIPHYT SPORT ©. 


EQUIPHYT SPORT © is closed 100% Arthrospira Platensis, a colloquial term as “microalgae” designated Arthrospira product (Spirulina) . The properties of Arthrospira Platensis have been known for many years, but Dr. Serfaty has developed a production and manufacturing method that guarantees purities and concentrations of ingredients that cannot be achieved in any other Spirulina product!

In particular, production in monitored and controlled aquaculture ensures that that no heavy metals or other toxic substances are contained in EQUIPHYT SPORT © ! 
All batches are guaranteed to be 100% analyzed for quality!

EQUIPHYT SPORT © is dried gently at temperatures up to a maximum of 40° C, which ensures that the product does not overheat (usually “Spirulina” is dried at temperatures above 90° C!). The dried Arthrospina Platensis are then NOT GROUND, which ensures that the cell structures are completely preserved. (Spirulina is usually ground up and added as “algae flour”).

EQUIPHYT SPORT © supports the horse partner with the demands and stresses of equestrian sport sustainable and healthy to fulfill! It supports the formation of muscle mass. Thanks to an extremely high proportion of amino acids, which are required for building muscle, and a protein content of 64 g per 100 g of product, EQUIPHYT SPORT © provides all the nutrients required for sustainable muscle building.

EQUIPHYT SPORT © is ADMR compliant, it is a natural product that, due to its high amino acid content, supports your horse to develop better in terms of sports physiology. It does not directly improve performance, but rather allows you to train your horse more intensively and thereby achieve higher performance in a sustainably healthy manner .

Is success measurable?
Assuming you train your horse: definitely yes! They are visible to the naked eye

  • a better appearance,
  • a more defined silhouette and
  • more muscle mass,

can detect in your horse.

Extremely effective natural anti-inflammatory 
Scientifically proven with anti-Cox-2 effect, natural, anti-arthritic, without side effects and contraindications.

It increases muscle mass
Thanks to its high protein content 64g/100g. Contains all the important amino acids your animal needs to build muscle.

It stimulates the immune system 
Scientifically proven, remarkable increase in T-lymphocytes. It impressively strengthens your animals' defenses.

It can help improve health and performance.
Due to its composition and proven properties, it is called a “superfood”. It is a superfood for horses.

How do I feed EQUIPHYT SPORT© to my horse?
EQUIPHYT SPORT © is in its pure form, which means it is in the form of “crunches” (see picture).
This special and unique shape is also proof of the special production of EQUIPHYT SPORT © . Only this product has the special shape ensures that the nutrients of the product are unchanged and complete available!

EQUIPHYT SPORT © should be added to the daily concentrated feed ration. So far there has not been a single case in which the horse has refused to take EQUIPHYT SPORT© ! (It doesn't smell or taste like fish)! You will achieve the best results by feeding the concentrated feed once or twice per day.

Can I also give EquiPhyt Sport© in combination with other supplementary feed?
Yes. If you feed EQUIPHYT SPORT © correctly, you can feed it with other supplementary feed.

"We can't make your horse better than it can be,
but we can help him with EQUIPHYT SPORT© ,
"To access your full potential sustainably and stay healthy "

(Dr. med. vet. Sandrine Serfaty)

Supplementary feed for horses EQUIPHYT SPORT:

100% algae, dried (Arthrospira Platensis)

Analytical components (ingredients) EQUIPHYT SPORT:

Crude protein 64.60%

Crude fat 6.00%

Sodium 3.06%

Crude ash 8.20%

Crude protein 6.50%

Feeding instructions EQUIPHYT SPORT:

All feeding information refers to a horse with a body weight of approx. 500 - 600 kg; ponies and small horses under 300 kg body weight receive half. Recommended daily dose 10 g (normal load from riding), 20 g for increased load during training and competition. Can be fed permanently.

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Scientific findings:
Spirulina is considered a real "sun" food with beneficial properties for the body. Above all, it is characterized by its high content of easily digestible proteins (60-70%), which contain all essential and non-essential amino acids (essential for muscle building). Spirulina is often referred to as a planktonic algae but is actually a bacterium that belongs to the cyanobacteria of the genus Arthrospira. They are characterized by their nutritional wealth and their diverse therapeutic interests. Spirulina contains three types of pigments: chlorophyll, carotenoids (mainly B-carotene) and phycobiliproteins (mainly phycocyanin). The latter is a powerful antioxidant that has many activities. Phycocyanin is the most abundant pigment, accounting for more than 15% of spirulina's weight, hence the name of the blue-green algae (blue gold) often associated with spirulina. Many studies have highlighted the benefits of this pigment on oxidative stress and inflammation. For example, phycocyanin would increase the antioxidant capacity of plasma and SOD and GPx (antioxidant enzymes) activities. It can also be a true anti-inflammatory agent because phycocyanin can form a protective shield that blocks the production of substances responsible for pain and inflammation.