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Exclusively from Ireland: PEAKS ELECTROLYTES

Administer orally before and after the competition/race.

PEAKS is a blend of vital electrolytes, vitamins C and E and glycine (amino acid) in highly concentrated form. The use of PEAKS can regulate the concentration of electrolytes in the horse when excessive sweating, salivation and/or diarrhea occurs.

Notes on electrolytes:
Electrolytes are chemical substances that are essential for the proper functioning of muscles, nerves and kidneys. Horses lose electrolytes in a variety of ways. Sweat, saliva, urine or diarrhea. The loss rate may be increased by stress caused by travel, increased work rates, hot weather, excessive use of some medications (particularly diuretics), infections causing excessive sweating and/or diarrhea. Research has shown that excessive electrolyte loss can lead to acidosis and a general loss of performance. In addition, it has been shown that exchanges over a longer period of time are most effective. The composition of the ingredients in electrolytes is particularly important because the ingredients interact with each other and with the correct dosage of the individual ingredients the resulting effect is very clearly visible.

Recommended dosage:

Entertainment feeding program:

20ml per day.

Strong working feeding program:

20 ml 4 hours before the competition and 20 ml when the horse has cooled down after the competition.

Acute need:

40ml per day.

PEAKS can be administered orally with the included syringe or given through food or dissolved in water. Horses receiving PEAKS should have water available at all times.

Glycine 1,250 mg
Sodium citrate 1,750 mg
Potassium chloride 2,500 mg
Sodium chloride 2,000 mg
Magnesium sulfate 500 mg
Potassium sulfate 425 mg
Vitamin C 250 mg
Vitamin E 500 mg

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